an Experienced political Direct mail supplier

If you’re looking for someone exerienced in the political mail arena, look no further than KDC. In 2022 alone, we did over 30 million political postcards and mailers across California, Arizona, Nevada, NM, Texas and Colorado. Our knowledgeable team can help you get more out of your upcoming campaign. If you have a specific concern or question please don’t hesitate to give on of our project specialists a call at 480-784-4948.

The Right Solution

There’s A LOT at stake when it comes to launching a political campaign. We understand that mailings are just one piece of the puzzle. With deadlines, budgets and heavy competition we understand the ins and outs of a successful political mailing and you can rely on us to get the job done correctly. 

KDc advantage

KDC understands political mail. We partner with multiple consulting agencies across the country to coordinate millions of political mail pieces every day during the political season. KDC has the expertise you need to make your political mail campaign a success.

All of this has allowed KDC to become one of the largest providers of direct mail services in the Southwest for political campaigns. Our experts have extensive experience in the industry to make sure your jobs go out accurately and on time.

Election & Political Mail Work

Cost-effective, personalized and targeted. We have experience working with political candidates, campaign committees and political parties to help spread the word and increase the momentum behind their platform, campaign or referendum.

Postcards, door hangers, folded postcards and flyers are just a few of the options when it comes to promoting your candidates and making sure your message lands in the right hands.