KDC Frequently Asked questions

If you have a specific concern or question please don’t hesitate to give on of our project specialists a call at 480-784-4948.

Yes, and all of our perfect bound books are bound with PUR glue which is the latest and greatest! Give us a try for quantities from 5 to 10,000.

Depending on the job, there may be a charge to pick up and deliver. Please call Anthony to discuss the specifics of your request. We do get around to most areas of the valley on a regular weekly schedule and if at all possible we will pick up your job at no charge.

Yes, we are always willing to work weekend to get the job done. Please advise our quoting department of this situation when you are quoting.

Yes. KDC can standardize your list and omit duplicate entries for a nominal fee. Please contact us for details.

Your mailing list should be sent to KDC via email (preferred) or on disc in most any format (Excel or CSV). Call us if you aren’t sure about how to provide your mailing list.

Your decision should be based on how quickly you want your mail received and how much money you want to spend. Presort Standard mail can save significant postage dollars but takes on average 3-10 days to delivery, whereas First Class typically takes 2-3 days.

Automation allows the USPS to automate routing and save time & resources. By presorting and bar coding, machines can read the address on your mail to route it automatically. Therefore, a piece of mail with barcodes and correct addressing receives an additional discount and moves through the system faster. The savings are substantial and add up with larger, heavier mailings.

An indicia or “permit” is imprinted in the upper right-hand corner where the postage stamp would be that denotes postage payment and indicates whether the mailing is First Class or Standard. It also shows the Post Office of origin, and the Account Permit Number.

For any class of mail (first-class or bulk) postage can be applied by any one of these methods. You should choose the one you believe will best increase your response rate. 

The US Postal Service does not provide services on credit. All mailings must be paid for at the time they are processed.