KDC - Delivering Direct Mail & Data Solutions

KDC offers complete direct mail consulting and experienced project managers to help you

navigate each mailing from beginning to end.  

We handle direct mail campaigns from 200 records to 4 million!

KDC works with nationwide trucking companies to minimize in-home delivery windows

and maximize postage savings.

KDC delivers decades of experience to assist you with your Direct Mail needs!

Inkjet Postcards, Tri-Folds, Catalogs

We have 5 dedicated inkjet machines, including the MCS Eagle with continuous infeed which allows us to inkjet up to 50,000 postcards per hour or 30,000 flats!

List Processing

KDC can run your files through CASS, 48-Month NCOA, DSF2, remove duplicates, apply suppression files, run postal presorts for flats, letters, and packaged goods.

High Speed Inserting

KDC has multiple inserters, including a PB Flowmaster with 6 pockets, 2 cameras for read and print match mailings which use 2D barcodes for maximum accuracy, and can insert up to 10x13 envelopes!  This enables us to insert up to 20,000 envelopes per hour. We also have a swing-arm inserter which also utilizes 2D barcodes to ensure 100% accuracy!

List Rentals

We have access to the best and largest source of Business to Consumer Mailing lists on the market. Our fast, dependable services will identify and target new customers/prospects to create targeted mailing lists that increase the return on your direct marketing investment. Some of our most popular variables are:


  • Age
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Presence of Children
  • Home Value
  • Interests/Hobbies

Wafer Seal

Kirk Rudy Wafer Seal machine can apply 3 wafer seals on two edges in one pass!  We also have a second wafer seal machine to apply 2 wafer seals in one pass.  

Poly Film

Make sure your catalogs arrive safely and your customers can view the beautiful artwork on the covers by wrapping them in postal approved shrink film!

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